Just a Few Updates

I tend to forget I have my own webpage to update so if you would like to see more videos as I finish them please subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you are wanting actual updates on things like updates on new songs I’m working on, gigs coming up (not many recently), and whatnot, then make sure to like my facebook page.  At the moment I have 2 original songs I am working on, slowly that is. I have one recorded but still not satisfied with it, eventually I will get it to where I want it and post.

You can also contact me through my Facebook page or my email if you have some advice, want to get together and record something, or would like to book a gig! If you have a party coming up with no entertainment providers but not a lot of money to get a DJ then just let me know and we can work something out! I don’t really have any set rates at the moment being as I am still trying to get out there so book me cheap while you can!

Another update while I’m on here:
I plan on recording and giving away free CD’s and/or flashdrives just to try and get my name out there. When I get those up and running I will post and let everyone know how they can get ahold of them and help me spread them around.

Here are the links to my accounts, please subscribe and like!

Thanks everyone! I appreciate each one of my fans and their support.
~Eric James Smith

Under Construction

So I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really good at making/editing websites so it may take some time until it has everything I want on here but I am trying to get a way to send an email if you subscribe to let you know when I create a new post or upload a song. Please be patient and check back regularly and I will have it up and running. Thank you for your patience.

~Eric James Smith

New Original Song!

Working on an original song called “Linger” so far it has 3 part vocal split in at least 1 spot, a small acoustic guitar solo, and hopefully drums if I can figure it out. Should be done possibly by next week. Keep your eyes and ears open! 🙂

Want to Record?

Looking for any other musician who wants to collaborate on a song. whether you play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, sing or even the harmonica, if you would like to record something then let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out. If you know someone then make sure to let them know!
Thanks all
~Eric James Smith

Updated Page!

So if you haven’t noticed, I have added a new tab at the top of the page. I now have a Music section which consists of my HQ audio youtube videos. I am still working on having a good music player that will play my music but that is going to take a little more time. If you have any suggestions for my page please let me know!:)

Thank you for visiting 🙂

~Eric James Smith